Joanne started her career 18 years go when she apprenticed with a shelter dog trainer. After a short time, she became a behavior specialist for that shelter which resulted in a 16 year career in shelter behavior.

Joanne has always been very interested in working dogs and has pursued training in search and rescue, detection and dog sports with her own dogs. She has come to believe through her evolution as a trainer that a positive approach to training leads to a stronger relationship and more enjoyable experience between people AND their dogs. Joanne's experience with shelter behavior, pet dog training and working dog training gives her a very well rounded, holistic approach to training and consulting.

Joanne currently shares her home with 2 Dutch Shepherd / Belgian Malinois mixes (Hexa and Azeri) which are trained in detection and dog sports, Hank a Coonhound mix, and Olive a Border Terrier mix.