Ariane grew up in rural Maine surrounded by a variety of companion and farm animals, including German Shepherds and Collie mixes. She is passionate about herding dogs, particularly Australian Shepherds, with their energetic and enthusiastic personalities and their delightful sense of humor.

She rescued her first dog, Jacob (ARCHX Jacob's Allagash Sunrise CL4 ChSN GS-O JS-O RS-N RA RNX  RL1-AOE RL1X2 RL2-AOE RL2X2 RL3-AOE NAJ RATI RATO RA TKP CGC), an Australian Shepherd, and came to PET to train him using positive methods. Jacob was such a joy to work with that Ariane found herself sharing her training knowledge with friends, family, and strangers who would ask about Jacob and his wide variety of skills. This lead to an apprenticeship with PET and then being brought on as an instructor. Ariane is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed. Jacob was such an inspiration that Ariane decided to add a second canine to her family, Skye (ARCHX Outrun's Allagash Evening Skye CL1 CTL1 L1T-PLT JSA-N GSA-N RA RNX RL1-AOE RL1X2 RL2-AOE RL2X2 RL3-AOE RATI RATO RA TKP CGC).

Ariane and her canine partners compete in a variety of canine sports: Disc Dog, Agility, Barn Hunt, Obedience, and Rally Obedience. Both Jacob and Skye have earned their Canine Good Citizen titles and a variety of titles and placements in Agility, Barn Hunt, Disc Dog, Rally, and Trick Dog as well. She qualified with Jacob and Skye for Barn Hunt Nationals in 2014: both dogs placed in the top 50 and advanced to Finals; Skye took second place in one of their qualifying rounds. Both dogs have received invitations to Disc Dog World Finals in Super Pro Toss and Fetch (Skye in 2014 and Jacob in 2015) and they travelled to Georgia in the Fall of 2015 to compete at USDDN World Finals. They travelled to Tennessee in the fall of 2015 to compete in Agility and Rally Obedience at ASCA Nationals. Both dogs have WCRL Rally Championships (ARCHX) and were nationally ranked in the top 20 in 2016. In May of 2017, they performed disc dog and agility on stage with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra in their production “Playing with Dogs” at The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts.

Ariane is a firm believer in cross training in order to have well rounded dogs; so her dogs are also experienced at Nosework, Freestyle Heelwork, Bikejoring/Urban Mushing, and Tricks, among others. They love to hike and spend time in the outdoors. They also perform demonstrations at a variety of events usually for Disc Dog, Agility, Tricks, and Barn Hunt.

Ariane is the former Secretary and is a current member of the Granite State Disc Dogs and a member of the Yankee Flyer Dog and Disc Club. Ariane is a certified USDDN judge, is qualified as a Skyhoundz head judge, is qualified as an AWI judge, is qualified as a FDDO head judge, and has also judged UpDog Challenge. She volunteers with New England Border Collie Rescue and the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association. Ariane is a member of the Australian Shepherd Club of New England where she serves as the Newsletter Coordinator for the New England Aussie. She is also a member of the Australian Shepherd Club of America.

Ariane is a firm believer that training and working with your dog should be fun!!! She loves working with people to help them learn how to train their dog and help them build a better relationship together. For her, every day shared with her canine companions is a fantastic day! Ariane has experience working with anxious, fearful, and reactive dogs and enjoys helping those teams build confidence and a toolbox of skills to help increase their comfort in the world around them.

Ariane, Jacob, and Skye also share their life with two critters of the feline persuasion.