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Doggy Boot Camp!

Why Consider Doggy Boot Camp? This is the perfect solution for owners with busy schedules and/or who find themselves overwhelmed by their dog's current behavior. Your dog stays in the trainer's home during this intense training program, is exercised daily, and trained by our professional staff using only positive reinforcement methods. Our precise timing, praise, consistency and management enable dogs to learn proper manners and obedience. The time away from the family allows us to remove the dogs from situations that may have promoted the unwanted behaviors and provides a new environment in which to gain focus.

In order for a dog to be successful in his home, it must have Training, Management, and Socialization. In order to provide an environment in which the dog can focus, it must have Exercise. Our Doggy Boot Camp provides ample doses of each of these components.

Facilities: Your dog is safely and securely boarded in the trainer's home. 

Management: Your dog is supervised, in a fenced yard, or crated at all times. This provides us with the ability to work on a number of issues which can frequently be corrected through management including inappropriate chewing, jumping, potty training, crate training and barking.

Socialization: Your dog will go on outings with our trained staff. This provides us with the ability to work on appropriate manners in the car and in public. We work on socializing your dog with a variety of people, environments, sounds, smells, and more.

Training: Your dog will be trained both with hand signals and verbal commands.

Exercise: Your dog will be exercised daily. Ample exercise and playtime provides important socialization skills along with teaching appropriate interaction with a variety of dogs.

Prior to Camp: The trainer meets with you in your home to assess the needs of you and your dog and to establish expectations.

What You Bring: Sufficient supply of food for your dog's stay; two bowls (food & water); collar (no choke, prong, or electric collars); and 6 foot leash (no retractable or chain leashes).

After Boot Camp: On the last day of Boot Camp, the trainer meets with you for a private training session. At this time, we demonstrate the commands that your dog has learned and train you in the proper execution of these commands. You are sent home with your dog and a training booklet for reference. We will provide recommendations on exercise and continued training as part of your take home package. Again, please be aware that continued exercise is required for most dogs! You must make the commitment to exercise your dog for success.

Guarantee: We do not provide any guarantees or warranties. As with all dog training, you must be consistent with the training that we have done. If you are not, your dog will revert to previous behaviors. To help you through this process, you do have one month of unlimited phone support and email support.

Note: All dogs accepted for Boot Camp must be current on all vaccines including the Bordetella vaccine.


Basic Boot Camp
Length: 14 day session
Cost: $1250 plus tax.
Extended Boot Camp
Length: 21 day session
Cost: $1800 plus tax
We recommended the Extended Boot Camp for those dogs who have had extensive opportunity to exhibit inappropriate behaviors thus causing them to become habit.
Boot Camp Tune Up
Purpose: If your dog has had formal training, but you are experiencing issues, a Tune Up may be the right option for you.
Length: 7 day session
Cost: $450 plus tax

Contact us for scheduling or for more information.