Agility Workshop

Ariane and Jake jumping

Content: This one day workshop will help your dog work on a mix of agility obstacles in a realistic yet distracting environment.  Possible obstacles covered include: Single Jump, Tunnel, Tire, A-Frame, Double Jumps, Wobble Board, Pause Table, Weave Poles, Panel Jumps, Dog Walk, Broad Jumps and Chute. 

Prerequisites: Dogs must be age-appropriately vaccinated; Dog & Handler must have completed Intermediate Dog & Handler.

Schedule: 10am - 4pm with lunch break.

Class Registration

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Monday, 29 Jul 2019

 No class on 09/02 (Labor Day). 

$ 115.00
Saturday, 3 Aug 2019

No class on 8/10

$ 115.00
Sunday, 8 Sep 2019
$ 115.00
Thursday, 12 Sep 2019
$ 115.00
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